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England is a land filled with stunning architecture and towns full of history and legend. Artists, authors and designers from all over the world have been inspired and influence by this wonderful country and the area surrounding the historical city of Bath has been an inspiration more than most.
Once a Roman city, Bath has been the setting for many of the most famous stories by writer such as Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens. The city is a world heritage site with Roman ruins to be explored such as the Roman Baths with plunge pools and hot springs. Bath Abbey stands tall and proud in the city and is a huge attraction to tourists visiting the area with its breath-taking architecture and design.
Bath overnight tours don’t just stop in the city itself; even though there is more than enough to see and do to keep any traveller satisfied. An overnight tour of Bath will often also include trips to some of the surrounding areas biggest attractions. Explore the mystical and mysterious Stonehenge; a group of stones placed over 5000 years ago whose origins and uses are still a mystery to this day. Take time to visit the medieval Salisbury with its spectacular cathedral built in the 13th century that boasts the tallest spire in England. Windsor Castle is also easy to get to from Bath where you can spend the day experiencing how it is to live a life in the British monarchy. Who knows, you may even be there at the same time s Queen Elisabeth if you time your visit right as the castle is still the home to the British Royal Family.
Overnight tours of Bath give you the chance to visit and explore some of the most fascinating places England has to offer.
Tour of Bath

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