Jane Austen Tours

Jane Austen is without doubt one of England’s most renowned writers and her works have been read time and time again by millions of people all over the world. Jane Austen wrote so eloquently to describe Regency England in her books and this has prompted many of her fans to visit the areas of England that featured so heavily in her books.

There are a wide range of Jane Austen tours you can take in England which will show you some of the places Jane Austen lived and loved and where she found inspiration for some of her greatest works.

The city of Bath is the picture of Georgian elegance and was Jane Austen’s home between 1801 and 1806. Most of her experience and writing about city life was based upon her time in Bath and the city is now home to the Jane Austen centre where you can dress up in Regency costume and experience Georgian life first hand. Bath also holds a yearly Jane Austen festival, celebrating everything about the famous writer.

Many of Jane Austen’s books feature a number of grand stately homes as the background for the story. Many of these homes were inspired by real British stately homes with one of the grandest standing in Chatsworth. No Jane Austen tour would be completely without a visit to the stately home in Chatsworth which was the inspiration behind Mr Darcy’s home estate of Pemberley. Chatsworth house also featured in Pride and Prejudice with the character of Elizabeth Bennet actually visiting the stately home in the story.

To complete you Jane Austen tour of Britain, take a tour of the filming locations in Bath for many of the film adaptations of some of Austen’s most famous works. From Pride and Prejudice to Emma and Persuasion; take a tour of the film sets and some of the places in Bath that Austen loved the most.

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