St Paul's Cathedral

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About The Tour

Take a private tour of this awe-inspiring cathedral, with its rich history and incredible interior, with your expert British Tours guide. Built in just 35 years by Britain's most famed architect, Sir Christopher Wren, this church is deservedly listed among the world's most beautiful buildings.

With your expert guide explore this wondrous space and hear how it narrowly escaped destruction during WWII. Hear of some of the many important events that have taken place in the Cathedral, including the wedding of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana in 1981. Two monarchs have celebrated their Diamond Jubilees at St Paul’s, although one was unable to make it inside the church.

Winston Churchill’s funeral took place here and it is also recognisable from popular culture - Mary Poppins fed the birds on the steps of the Cathedral.

Time and energy permitting, you can climb to the top of this 365 foot Cathedral - beware there are a lot of steps and no elevator - for the best views of London!

This tour can be taken stand alone in 1.5 hours or combined with a city walk in 4 hours.

We have private tours of St Paul's Cathedral in all languages.