The City of London

Victorian market places, medieval churches and Roman remains

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About The Tour

The original site of London 2000 years ago, the City is one of the most interesting and unique areas of London. Today in London's financial centre, incredible new buildings mingle with Victorian market places, medieaval churches and Roman remains. The city was all but destroyed by a fire in 1666 and again by the bombing during the Blitz, but like the phoenix engraved on its Cathedral, it rose again and again!

On this walk, you will wind your way through alleyways and courtyards, hearing stories of plague, body-snatching, hauntings and how the area has become one of the great financial centres of the world from the very humble beginnings of men trading in coffee shops, where highwaymen plotted at the neighbouring tables.

Visit the marketplace where Harry and Hagrid went in search of Harry’s first wand and see where 1/5th of the world’s gold is stored; the home of the Lord Mayor of London and learn why the Queen has to be invited in order to enter the City. See the incredible St Paul’s Cathedral and hear how it was narrowly saved in WWII, the Cathedral hosted the wedding of Charles and Diana, many State Funerals, including Winston Churchill's and featured in Disney’s Mary Poppins (tuppence a bag).

This walk has something for everyone and gives a unique insight into London life, both past and present. You can choose to visit inside St Paul’s Cathedral on this walk if you like (extra time and entrance fees apply).