Thames Valley Tour

  • Private car/minibus
  • |
  • 7 HOURS

About The Tour

The Thames Valley is steeped in history as well as renowned for its tranquil beauty. Ever since the Kings of England started using the Thames to travel up and down from London to other Royal Residences the villages and towns surrounding it have been at the centre of business.

Visit the pretty riverside villages such as Cookham, Marlow, Sonning and Henley as well as historic towns such as Eton and Windsor that have developed on the banks of England's greatest river.

Literary connections in the Thames Valley have helped to create the feel of a particularly English way of life. From 'Three Men in a Boat' to 'The Wind in the Willows' the Thames reflects all that is typically 'olde worlde' England. Where the pace of life was slower and people had time to enjoy the good things of life.

A visit inside Windsor Castle can be included in a 7 hour tour of the Thames Valley.