Stonehenge Sunset or Sunrise Tour from London

Private car/minibus - 6 Hours

"We arrived at dawn on December 22nd. We were allowed to go into the Circle. It was a very moving and unforgettable experience" - Marie Griffin Cascone, San Diego County

In the evening after Stonehenge is closed to the public, or at dawn before it is open, we can arrange for you to visit this awe-inspiring prehistoric monument and walk among the giant sarsen stones towering 6.4 m high and weighing up to 50 tonnes. Marvel at how stones of such monumental scale were quarried, transported and erected 5,000 years ago when the only tools available were made of wood, bone and stone.

Stonehenge at Dawn, Quicktime panorama

Dusk or Dawn dates:October to November: Not availableDecember to February (except December 18th to 28th): SunriseMarch to September: sunrise or sunset

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Tour Prices

Passengers Price
1 Up to 1 £880
2 Up to 2 £935
3 Up to 3 £1,140
4 Up to 4 £1,195
5 Up to 5 £1,250

Prices include:
Prices are per car/minibus not per person and include your private tour guide, collection and return to your central London hotel and tax but not entrance fees where applicable, parking or meals unless stated. Please add £20 for collections from London Train Stations.

Also included:
Stonehenge at Dawn admission

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