Kensington Palace

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About The Tour

Explore this wonderful palace which has been a Royal residence for over 300 years. Kensington is the birthplace and childhood home of Queen Victoria. It was the home of the late Princess Diana and today the home of William and Kate, their children and other Royals!

Visit the King's State Apartments, including the magnificent staircase where the whole court of Georgian London would have climbed to visit the King and the Presence Chamber where King George II received ministers and ambassadors. View the favourite entertaining space of his Queen Caroline too.

Continue to the Queen’s State Apartments and see the bed that has a fascinating history as it is supposedly where the catholic son of King James II was born - or possibly swapped for an imposter!

You can also view a stunning evening gown created for Princess Diana and see her handwritten comments alongside the sketch designs.

See the fine and decorative art on display, and also wander through the palace's charming gardens including a wonderful sunken garden and formal gardens.

You can also include afternoon tea in the splendid Orangery…please ask our tour planning team for more details. A perfect tour for the lovers of all things Royal!

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