Cambridge Tour

  • Private car/minibus
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  • 6 HOURS

About The Tour

Walk on a summer's day through the shady courts of England's ancient university. Behind them are impeccably manicured lawns leading down to the River Cam.

At Oxford, the rivers are hidden bystanders but here the Cam is an integral part of the display. Above the river stands the imposing mass of King's College Chapel one of the greatest surviving Gothic buildings of Europe - a jewel box that, on sunny mornings, sparkles with all the colours of its remarkable stained glass windows.

By the Cam stands Trinity College's Wren Library one of Europe's finest library buildings. Go inside and see its treasures - illuminated manuscripts from the tenth century, a copy of the First Folio of the Works of William Shakespeare, Isaac Newton's personal copy of the Principia Mathematica. Walk back through Trinity College's Great Court. In the corner between the Chapel and the Gate were Isaac Newton's rooms. And, if you look to the left once you are through the gate, you will see the most famous apple tree in the world.

If you would like to see the Wren Library please check its opening times with us. This is a fast paced tour.

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