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About The Tour

Today London is one of the most exciting food capitals of the world.

Gone are the days when everything was boiled, we now have an incredible selection of some of the finest restaurants, food markets and specialist food stores in the world. London’s incredible diversity has given rise to an enviable collection of food from all over the globe, offering the finest dining experience. On these exciting tours, we highlight some of London’s great eateries where you will sample the food in some of our favourite hand-picked restaurants!

Our food tours combine the history and culture of the area and the people that live there, with the opportunity to experience some culinary delights. If you are already a foodie or just curious to experience London’s food scene and do something a little different, this is the tour for you.

There are 66 Michelin starred restaurants in London and on our incredible tours of Chelsea, Mayfair and Soho we include a tasting in a restaurant with at least one Michelin star. (On the Mayfair tour – all are Michelin starred).

Our guide has incredible knowledge of London’s food scene and is also full of fun and quirky anecdotes and will bring to life the area and the food.