Rome by Night

  • Private car/minibus

About The Tour

After dusk, experience the romance of the city of Rome with the monuments beautifully lit and people wandering or dining on the pavements outside the many restaurants in the historic city. This Rome day tour is a panoramic of the main sites and includes some walking through the historic city.

Drive through ancient Rome, with its stunning monuments dating back 2000 years; the unrivalled sight that is the Colosseum, a mammoth amphitheatre whose history will amaze you; the Roman Forum, the power-house of political and commercial Rome, abundant with ruined Temples, a place where Romans would shop, gossip and catch up on the news; Circus Maximus famed for its chariot racing; the Baths of Caracalla, a place to relax after a hard days work; the Pantheon, a stunningly well-preserved piece of Roman architecture. Drive through the Piazza Venezia with its imposing monument to King Vittorio Emanuele II and Mussollini's balcony, across the Tiber river to the Castel Sant'Angelo, an amazing sight, which has been a fortress, a prison and a papal residence and on into the Vatican. The great St Peter's Basilica is a breathtaking site at anytime of day, but at night its magnificence can truly be appreciated.

Your Rome tour guide will then take you to the historical centre, where you will wander through Piazza Navona, the hub of activity, you can take a drink ion one of the many café's and marvel at Bernini's wonderful masterpiece, the Four Rivers Fountain in the centre of the piazza. From here, wander through the winding streets to the Trevi Fountain, a most romantic vision at night and onto the elegant Spanish steps. If you have the energy, walk to the top to view the lovely Trinita dei Monti church.

Recommended start time is 9pm