London, Bloomsbury


This area in London is perfect for Literary Lovers, famous for the Bloomsbury group, an association of writers, artists and intellectuals, including Virginia Woolfe, the area is also synonymous with Charles Dickens and his life and works. Also a convenient location from where to explore the British Museum and Library or for overnight trippers from Paris, being close to St Pancras station and to London's West End and shopping areas. The area today is still notable for its fine Georgian Squares, offering some peace and tranquillity especially at the weekends and the University College London.

Hotels in this section are ideal for those looking for a hotel close to some or all of the following:

British Museum and British Library
Easy access to Oxford Street Shopping
Literary Connections
City of London/Financial Centre
Paris Connections
Close proximity to West End Theatres

Montague on the Gardens (4* Luxury)

15 Montague Street, Bloomsbury, WC1B 5BJ London

A luxury boutique hotel, housed in a fine Georgian townhouse sandwiched between a private garden and the British Museum, an example of understated elegance and discreet service. The hotel offers a small on-site gym, beauty treatments in your room and a lovely terrace and wood deck, where you can enjoy drinks and BBQ's Every evening from 7pm to 10pm, the Terrace Bar has live music.

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