About The Tour

Choose to visit the cradle of Christianity in a day trip to Kent, or explore other early Christianity sites in London.

Early Christianity in Kent, 8 hours:

Visit St Martin’s Church in Canterbury, which is connected with the Frankish Queen Bertha. Then continue to St Augustine’s Abbey, with its impressive ruins of the monastery which was once the second most important Benedictine house in Europe with the burials of King Ethelbert, Queen Bertha, St Augustine and at least 8 subsequent archbishops of Canterbury.

Canterbury Cathedral is the mother church of England and seat of the Primate of All England: it is extremely interesting for its Romanesque and Gothic architecture, the story of Thomas Becket’s martyrdom and the tombs of Henry IV and the Black Prince.

Time permitting, on the way back ask your London tour guide to stop at Gravesend from where the Quaker George Fox in 1671 and Charles & John Welsey in 1735 set sail for America. This tour lasts about 8 hours.

Early Christianity in London, half or full day:

Your guide will show you two fine Norman Churches still in existence in London:

St Bartholomew the Great, connected with Benjamin Franklin and the austere Royal Chapel in the White Tower at the Tower of London.

If you are interested in the history of Methodism, your guide can show you the 18th Century Chapel built by John Wesley, with the Museum of Methodism in the crypt, and John Wesley’s well preserved house together with Bunhill Fields cemetery across the road where many prominent non-conformists were buried.

Time permitting, ask your guide to show you the place where Sir Thomas More (Henry VIII’s chancellor) lived in Chelsea before his trial, execution and rapid canonisation; there is a statue of him next to Chelsea Church on the Embankment.

The length and cost of the tour would vary depending on your interests; please contact us for more information.