Cabinet War Rooms Private ‘Behind the Glass’ Tour

About The Tour

There is something quite extraordinary about walking into this secret wartime bunker, where Winston Churchill and his Cabinet convened during the Blitz to run the war effort.

This is an incredible opportunity to join one of the Churchill War Room’s leading experts in an exclusive private ‘behind the glass’ access to this remarkable place. A usual tour of the war rooms is impressive enough, but on this tour you are behind the glass and see the details and the objects that can only be seen by entering the rooms themselves. Just one example is the marks made by Churchill as he scratched away at the arms of his chair in the War Cabinet Room!

Everything is so in tact and so real, you almost feel like the events are unfolding in front of you. On this incredible explorative tour, you go right inside the most important rooms, many of them left exactly as they were when the war mercifully ended and the cabinet made their final exit. Time really has stood still here and this is a truly unforgettable experience like no other.

This tour can be taken during opening times, but if you prefer and subject to availability, why not be the only ones there and take the tour when it is closed to the public