British Museum, Early Morning Private Tour

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About The Tour

Early in the morning, before the museum is open to the public explore one or more of the British Museum’s fascinating collections. An intimate and atmospheric experience, this out of hours tour will allow you to wander through the UK’s most visited attraction without the crowds!

Whether you wish to navigate the history of the ancient Greeks or walk in the footsteps of pharaohs, you can immerse yourself in humanity’s greatest civilisations with this private tour of the British Museum.

You can choose one or two of the following galleries to visit with your expert guide:

The Enlightenment Gallery

On this tour you will discover the origins of the Museum’s collections and the collectors who have shaped history.

Ancient Egyptian Sculpture Room

Unearth the secrets of Ancient Egypt through the monumental sculptures of kings and gods.

Trace over 3000 years of impressive stonework, once displayed in temples and tombs and marvel at iconic works such as the colossal bust of Ramesses II and the word-famous Rosetta Stone!

 Ancient Greek and Roman Galleries

Journey through tales of the ancient Greeks, from the conquests of Alexander the Great to the fall of Rome. Learn about famous emperors and empires through a fascinating collection of mosaics, pottery, jewellery, coins, weaponry and sculptures from some of the most famous ancient buildings, including the Museum’s most controversial pieces, the Parthenon Marbles.

China and South Asia Galleries

Discover the stunning beauty of art objects from Ming dynasty porcelain to Indian marble. Explore history, culture and religions from 5000BC to the present day through paintings, prints, jade, bronze, sculptures and a sitar that belonged to Ravi Shankar!

 Japanese Galleries

Your guide will uncover the connections between Japan’s past and present, from traditional prints and samurai amour to modern art and contemporary manga. Discover the wonder and beauty of one of the most extensive collections of Japanese art and artefacts outside of Japan.

The maximum private group size is 15 people