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The History of Stonehenge

There are plenty of exciting and interesting attractions away from London that you can experience on a UK Tour and one such place is the very famous stone circle of Stonehenge. Located in the English county of Wiltshire, this giant monument is one of the most famous in Europe and can be enjoyed during a Stonehenge Tour. Conveniently, the attraction is open every day for tours and an inspiring wander around this huge circle of stones.

A private car or minibus will pick you up for the journey to the village of Avebury and stones. Accompanying you will be a well-educated and knowledgeable tour guide who will provide an informative voice allowing you to gain as much from the visit as possible. The away day from London will start and end at your central London hotel and take around 8 hours in total.

The history of Stonehenge dates back around 4500 years and the area has a wealth of inspiration and spiritual offering to its visitors. As well as the actual stones there is an exhibition and visitors centre, which allows you to get an in depth look at one of the wonders of the world. Experience a cutting edge audio-visual display that will help you to appreciate the stones and the people that built this incredible structure.

Even after several visits you will probably still marvel at the sheer size of these mega stones and wonder how such a monument could be created back in such a primitive time. How these stones, which weigh up to 50 tonnes each, could be transported and assembled in the area is still an enduring mystery. Whatever your motivation for visiting this awe inspiring site you would probably take home memories which will last for a long time and provide a spark of inspiration well into the future.

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