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The Stonehenge Tour

As the most celebrated stone circle in the world Stonehenge speaks of ancient mysteries and a lost culture.  It is known that the earliest part of Stonehenge was built some 4,500 years ago as a prehistoric burial place but no-one knows for sure whether the structures which were added afterwards were built for religious purposes or whether it was a meeting and debating place, but to stand and gaze upon its magnificent and imposing structure you will feel drawn to the past.  If you embark on one of the ‘dawn or dusk’ visits when Stonehenge is closed to the public you will truly experience the magical atmosphere which surrounds you and which draws almost a million visitors to this historic site each year.

The new Stonehenge visitor centre, which opened in December 2013, is a place you must see; it houses at any one time almost 300 archaeological treasures which were excavated at the site itself, including jewellery, pottery and human remains.  These exhibits can change from time to time to keep the exhibition fresh.  The on-site café offers a lovely place to eat, serving hot and cold meals.  There is a gallery and gift shop on site too.  As the centre is approximately 1½ miles from the stone circle itself it offers a good chance to walk there and soak up the beauty of the surrounding Wiltshire countryside, walking in the footsteps of the ancient ancestors.

Stonehenge, together with associated historic sites such as nearby Avebury, is a World Heritage Site and a place you absolutely must see.  It is situated a mere 90 miles or so from central London and the best way to get there is to take advantage of a private tour with a knowledgeable expert tour guide such as those at British Tours.

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