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Harry Potter Filming Locations


Platform Nine and three quaters

Kings Cross station, London.

Few can deny the impact that the Harry Potter books and films have had on the world. Taking a subject usually reserved for Halloween, J.K Rowling turned a few witches and wizards into household names, created a love of reading into the young and the old, and inspired 8 blockbuster movies. Quite impressive when you consider the original manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Sorcerer’s Stone in the US) was rejected by several publishing firms, and only published because the daughter of one publisher begged her father to publish the book!

You can see many of the sites from the movies in one of our Harry Potter tours. We have tours of London, Oxford and Gloucester. We also can arrange a custom tour, with time to visit the Harry Potter Studios in Watford as well as the London or Oxford sites. Get in touch with us now to plan your Harry Potter tour!

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