Reviews, Paris & France

"A hugely enjoyable morning with your tour guide in Paris..."
Patrick Woodrow - Author of Double Cross

"We saw more in Paris than I could have hoped for and enjoyed every minute there..."
Janna Howel, Georgia, USA

"Our tour was fantastic. Your guide was first class, exceptional knowledge..."
Trisha and Martin King, Reading, UK

"A perfect day in Paris. Our guide was knowledgeable and professional, as well as loads of fun ... a wonderful experience"
Pamela Winter, California, USA

"We could not have had a better experience with our London to Paris tour. The British Tours office was very helpful, our guide was amazing ..."
Linda Rene, CT, USA

"Really, only one way to describe it, MAGNIFICENT! Your service was beyond expectations, everything was on time, and all at a fair price..."
Steven Edwards, Washington, USA

"My daughter and I had a fabulous, glorious, absolutely the most amazing time. It felt like we were in a movie - Paris is mesmerizing! Both of your guides were extremely informed and truly enjoyed what they were doing ... the entire journey from the website to the actual London to Paris trip was excellent".
Marci Skelton, Cleburne, Texas