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See the fastest marching bands in the British Army

The Rifles Sounding Retreat
Horse Guards Parade, London
1st &  2nd June 8PM – 9.30pm

The Sounding Retreat by The Massed Bands and Bugles of The Rifles is coming to Horse Guards for two nights this June.  This unique spectacle of outstanding music and fabulous bugles from the fastest marching band in the British Army will be a musical and visual extravaganza not to be missed; supporting the Regiment’s Care for Casualties appeal.

The Sounding Retreat will be a wonderful evening of both music and history; celebrating Riflemen, past and present, as well as the heritage of the Regiment.  Those performing will include officers and soldiers, who will have seen active service both in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past nine years.  It is 23 years since the Light Division last Sounded the Retreat on Horse Guards so this will be a once in a generation experience. 

A little bit about the history:

Since its formation in February 2007, The Rifles have been almost constantly on Operations, experiencing some of the fiercest fighting since the Second World War.  Over 60 Riflemen have been killed in action and countless others have been severely wounded.  Many have lost limbs, been permanently blinded or require long term neurological care as a result of their injuries. Care for Casualties raises funds so that The Rifles can meet the enduring needs of our casualties and members of the Regimental family in need, providing support and assistance whenever we are called upon to do so.  

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