See the sights with Overnight Tours of Bath

England is a land filled with stunning architecture and towns full of history and legend. Artists, authors and designers from all over the world have been inspired and influence by this wonderful country and the area surrounding the historical city of Bath has been an inspiration more than most.
Once a Roman city, Bath has been the setting for many of the most famous stories by writer such as Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens. The city is a world heritage site with Roman ruins to be explored such as the Roman Baths with plunge pools and hot springs. Bath Abbey stands tall and proud in the city and is a huge attraction to tourists visiting the area with its breath-taking architecture and design.
Bath overnight tours don’t just stop in the city itself; even though there is more than enough to see and do to keep any traveller satisfied. An overnight tour of Bath will often also include trips to some of the surrounding areas biggest attractions. Explore the mystical and mysterious Stonehenge; a group of stones placed over 5000 years ago whose origins and uses are still a mystery to this day. Take time to visit the medieval Salisbury with its spectacular cathedral built in the 13th century that boasts the tallest spire in England. Windsor Castle is also easy to get to from Bath where you can spend the day experiencing how it is to live a life in the British monarchy. Who knows, you may even be there at the same time s Queen Elisabeth if you time your visit right as the castle is still the home to the British Royal Family.
Overnight tours of Bath give you the chance to visit and explore some of the most fascinating places England has to offer.
Tour of Bath

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Stonehenge to Oxford Tours – EXPLORE THE BEST OF BRITISH

Britain is a land steeped in history, mythology and legend. Stories of Britain’s past have influenced some of the most famous books and films ever made. Areas such as the mythical Stonehenge and the historical town of Oxford has inspired many people from all over the world and are a huge attraction for tourists of all ages.

One of the most mystical and mysterious places to visit in Britain is Stonehenge. Stonehenge forms the centre point of the densest complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments and burial grounds in Britain. Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was erected between 2400BC and 2200BC but the exact reasons for its construction are still up for debate. Some believe Stonehenge was built by druids or pagans and used to celebrate the summer and winter solstice. Others believe the site was a healing site used to try and heal those sick or injured. Some theories even suggest the stone were erected by supernatural forces. Book yourself a Stonehenge tour and decide for yourself.

The town of Oxford is quintessentially British with its beautiful gardens, pavement cafes and its stunning architecture. Home to the world famous Oxford University, this British town has been an influence and an inspiration to many of the world’s most powerful and creative people. The colleges of Oxford have been established since the 13th Century and have had an impact on generations of scholars including Former US President Bill Clinton and authors such as J K Rowling, C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll.  Also dubbed the City of Spires, Oxford tours offer tourists a chance to see sights such as Sheldonian Theatre, Bodleian Library and Christ Church where many scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot.

Stonehenge tours and Oxford tours give you the chance to experience the best of British folklore, tradition and history.

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Step Back In Time With Hampton Court Tours

Steeped in Royal history dating back to the 11th Century, we invite you to join us a journey back in time on our Hampton Court Palace Tours where you’ll get an up close and personal experience of life in a Royal Palace.

Hampton Court Palace offers visitors a wonderful experience of British history that includes spans across 500 year. Built in 1515, Hampton Court Palace is marking its 500th anniversary this year, which makes it even more desirable to visit, as there will be a whole host of activities surrounding the celebrations throughout the year, which include Luna Cinema in the grounds and Hampton Court Palace: The Opera and many more.

Located in Richmond upon Thames, Hampton Court Palace is no longer used as a royal residence, and hasn’t been since the reign of George III back in the 18th Century. However, it was still used by guests of the Royal Family and as grace-and-favour apartments

Originally built for Cardinal Thomas Wolsey, who at the time was a favourite of King Henry VIII, it eventually became home to Henry VIII, who decided to take the palace as his own residence in 1529 when Wolsey fell out of favour. He lived there with several of his six wives and it was said to be haunted by his fifth wife Catherine Howard, who was beheaded over accusations of adultery.

The expansive history of Hampton Court also includes residents such as Queen Mary I and her successor Elizabeth I, King James I and King Charles I, who have all made their own mark on the Palace throughout their time with additions.

On your journey through Hampton Court Palace you’ll be privy to all of its rich history, including ghost stories and myths that surround it and the significant historical events that have taken place here, including General Eisenhower’s planning of the Normandy Landings in 1944.

With the palace and the magnificent grounds to explore you will be transported to a different time, where you will be able to visualise the history and see what life was like at Hampton Court.

London to Paris – A Journey of History And Wonder

Paris is a magical city, full of romance, history, culture and an atmosphere that is like no other city in the world. It’s easily reached from London, meaning you can be on the continent, sipping a café au lait in the heart of Paris in a matter of hours.

Why not embark on a journey of history and wonder with our London to Paris tours. We will take you on a unique trip through the city where you can submerge yourself in the culture and history of this wonderful city in style.

Visit Paris’s most iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower, which has been standing since 1889 when it was built for the World’s Fair. Climb to the summit and see breath-taking views of the entire city during the day or evening.

Paris tours also include other famous attractions such as the artist district Montmartre, where you can visit the Sacre-Coeur and lose yourself in the pretty winding streets, which have been home to famous artists such as Picasso over the years.

Take a walk down the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, which is famous throughout the world for luxury shops, theatres and cafes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get up close to the Arc de Triomphe too, which stands proudly at one end.

Your journey to Paris isn’t complete without a visit to the Louvre. As one of the world’s largest museums and home to the Mona Lisa, you can take in art and culture that spans across centuries of French and international history.

With so much to see in this expansive city, you can be sure that with a Paris tour you will see all the best that Paris has to offer and get an authentic feel for the history and wonder of this bustling capital city.

Things to Discover on Brussels Tour

As the capital of Belgium and the centre of European politics, Brussels is brimming with culture, history and beauty. What better way to get an authentic experience of this wonderful city and learn about its history and traditions than taking an organised tour of Brussels. With so much to see, our organised Brussels tours will ensure that you take in all the top tourist destinations and have everything you need for the perfect trip.

Marvel at the stunning architecture surrounding the busy Grand Place in the heart of the city. One of the most impressive buildings on this busy square is the Hôtel de Ville, which dates back to 1402 and is just as impressive in the day or lit up at night. Visitor can take a tour of the building and enjoy panoramic views over the Grand Place and city when you climb the 96m tower. In winter, the Grand Place is also home to a magical Christmas Market, perfect for getting yourself in the festive spirit.

Other must see sights for Brussels tours include the Atomium, which is an iconic symbol of the city and Belgium as a whole. This unique piece of architecture was created for the World Fair of Brussels in 1958 and is an impressive sight up close.

Visit the Cathedral of St Michael, where you can learn all about the different architecture of the building. It took centuries to finally be completed and features beautiful stained glass windows.

Of course, you can’t visit Brussels, without enjoying some chocolate and flavoured beers, so why not learn more about the art of chocolatiers and sample some local delights whilst you take in the sights around the city.

There are also plenty of museums to visit whilst you’re there, such as the Royal Museum of Fine Arts home to over 20,000 pieces or the Art Nouveau building, which has one of the largest collections of musical instruments, as well a concert hall if you fancy taking in a performance.

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