New Multi-day Poldark Tour from British Tours

Poldark Series 1 during production in Cornwall. Image used with kind permission of Visit Cornwall and St Aubyn Estates Holidays

British Tours is very excited to announce that we are now offering Poldark Tours to our visitors, based on the current BBC adaptation now showing in the UK and the USA. We really enjoyed putting this particular tour together; it gave us an excuse to re-watch all of series 1!

Poldark Filming Locations Tour

Explore Poldark’s Cornwall on this multi-day tour from London, taking in the breath-taking landscapes used in filming the hit BBC series. With your private driver-guide, you’ll see the rugged landscape that features as Nampara, Ross and Demelza’s home; the stunning beach and cliffs where the ill-fated couple look out towards the sea; Wheel Leisure mine and the real mine where the interior shots from the series were filmed; Elizabeth and Francis’s country home of Trenwith, the main Poldark family seat; the two towns that feature as Truro, where Ross first meets Demelza and where Vertity elopes with Captain Blamey and many other beautiful beaches from the dramatic period drama!

Image used with kind permission of Visit Cornwall and Adam Gibbard


This tour requires a minimum of 4 days, and prices start from 2680 for 2 people. Prices include your guide, private car/minibus, overnight allowance for guide, tax and collection and return to your central London hotel. Prices do not include entrance fees, parking, meals or hotels.

Contact British Tours now to set up your private Poldark tour!

British Tours Twitter interview with Concierge99

We’ve had many interviews over the years and very recently we had our first twitter interview! For those of you not familiar with the format, Twitter interview questions and answers must be under 140 characters, so quite a challenge!

Our interview was hosted by the brilliant online concierge service Concierge99. They make it their mission to put their clients in touch with the experts, from everything from yoga instructors to private tours. While we’re not so great on the yoga front, we pride ourselves on the bespoke tours we create. I could go on, but the fantastic folks at Concierge99 had some pretty great questions for us that will give you a bit more of an insight into the work we do.

Exciting times! To get us started, Concierge 99 asked us some basic ‘getting to know you’ facts.

Concierge99 asked a question many of our clients want to know – how do we pick such great guides?

We have several wonderful guides on our books who love taking visitors to see London’s highlights on a bespoke London tour, and Concierge99 we keen to know more about them! We gave them a bit more information about their backgrounds.


You can read more about our driver-guides here We’ve also had a few famous faces, both as vistors and as guides.The actor Tom Conti was also once one of our tour guides!

Then, it was time for one of the most important questions of the interview – what makes us a good fit for our client’s needs?

Over the years, we’ve arranged many personalized services, including family heritage tours, tours to WW2 bases for the descendants of American soldiers stationed in the UK and even tours relating to some of England’s famous literary figures from Shakespeare to J.K.Rowling!

Concierge99 gave us a chance to demonstrate just how British we are!

Certainly a hard question – Just three things!! What about the essential jam and clotted cream to go with those scones!  Finally after an enjoyable twitter chat, it was time for a goodbye from Concierge99…


…and a goodbye from us!

To see the full conversation, please click here to go to our Twitter page. We’re also on Facebook and Pinterest too! If you’d like to listen to one our radio interviews, please see the below tweet to our interview with Share Radio!

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Re-live Downton Abbey with British Tours


Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey on a tour with British Tours

Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey on a tour with British Tours

As Downton Abbey’s final season prepares for broadcast in the States, many will undoubtedly be on the edge of their seats as we say goodbye to the Crawley family, who have kept us entertained these past few years with stories of love, loss and hope in their continued efforts to adapt to a changing world. While the series may be ending, rumours of a spin off movie arose this year, and Julian Fellows is supposedly working on a prequel, focusing on Robert and Cora’s meeting and marriage! Hopefully then it won’t be a goodbye to Downton just yet! With British Tours, you’ll be able to re-live the drama of Downton by visiting the filming locations, such as the real castle that features as Downton Abbey! Don’t worry if you weren’t able to purchase tickets online, as our guides are able to help you purchase tickets at the gates. You’ll be able to see such rooms as the library where the family resided throughout the series, and the kitchens were their loyal servants such as Daisy, Mrs Patmore, Anna and Mr Bates share their meals with scheming servants such as Thomas. After visiting the castle, you’ll be able to visit the village where the outside scenes were filmed. The village contains not only the village green where war memorial was built in series 5, but the church where many of the wedding scenes are filmed. It’s also the sight of Isobel Crawley’s house in the series!

Get in touch with British Tours to book your private Downton Abbey tour to walk in the steps of the Crawley family! 

Downton Abbey Matthew Good and Lady Mary Downton Abbey filming RAC club

Downton Abbey Matthew Good and Lady Mary Downton Abbey filming RAC club

St Mary’s church, the location of wedding scenes throughout Downton’s history.

St Mary’s church, the location of wedding scenes throughout Downton’s history.

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Christmas festivities in London

Picadilly circus lights Jenny 2015

When it comes to Christmas, London doesn’t do things by halves. From Mid-November onwards, the capital transforms with spectacular Christmas lights and decorations, ranging from the unusual and inventive clockwork Regent Street lights, to the intricately placed spheres of light on Oxford Street. While on your tour with your British Tours driver guide, you will no doubt pass many of these lights, and be able to marvel at the different designs on London’s streets.

Festivities in London over the Christmas period also provide ample shopping opportunities for keen Christmas shoppers. From the Christmas displays at shops like Harrods and Selfridges, to the crafts and wares at quaint Christmas markets with wooden chalets, finding unique gifts during your London tour is certainly not a problem. With the Christmas fairs, there is also the chance to try some speciality food and drink, with tasters and samples of produce. There are a few staple British Christmas foods not to be missed; mulled wine, a lightly spiced mulled red wine drink popular since the time of Queen Victoria and also minced pies, small short crust pastry pies filed with dried fruit, spirits and spices. These two are popular combination in the UK and great Christmas treat to try on tour!

Visit London in the Christmas period with British Tours, learning about the city’s history and culture while soaking up the festive atmosphere. For tours taking place on either the 25, 26 of December 2015, and the 1st of January 2016, please contact us directly.

See the sights with Overnight Tours of Bath

England is a land filled with stunning architecture and towns full of history and legend. Artists, authors and designers from all over the world have been inspired and influence by this wonderful country and the area surrounding the historical city of Bath has been an inspiration more than most.
Once a Roman city, Bath has been the setting for many of the most famous stories by writer such as Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll and Charles Dickens. The city is a world heritage site with Roman ruins to be explored such as the Roman Baths with plunge pools and hot springs. Bath Abbey stands tall and proud in the city and is a huge attraction to tourists visiting the area with its breath-taking architecture and design.
Bath overnight tours don’t just stop in the city itself; even though there is more than enough to see and do to keep any traveller satisfied. An overnight tour of Bath will often also include trips to some of the surrounding areas biggest attractions. Explore the mystical and mysterious Stonehenge; a group of stones placed over 5000 years ago whose origins and uses are still a mystery to this day. Take time to visit the medieval Salisbury with its spectacular cathedral built in the 13th century that boasts the tallest spire in England. Windsor Castle is also easy to get to from Bath where you can spend the day experiencing how it is to live a life in the British monarchy. Who knows, you may even be there at the same time s Queen Elisabeth if you time your visit right as the castle is still the home to the British Royal Family.
Overnight tours of Bath give you the chance to visit and explore some of the most fascinating places England has to offer.
Tour of Bath

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Stonehenge to Oxford Tours – EXPLORE THE BEST OF BRITISH

Britain is a land steeped in history, mythology and legend. Stories of Britain’s past have influenced some of the most famous books and films ever made. Areas such as the mythical Stonehenge and the historical town of Oxford has inspired many people from all over the world and are a huge attraction for tourists of all ages.

One of the most mystical and mysterious places to visit in Britain is Stonehenge. Stonehenge forms the centre point of the densest complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments and burial grounds in Britain. Archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was erected between 2400BC and 2200BC but the exact reasons for its construction are still up for debate. Some believe Stonehenge was built by druids or pagans and used to celebrate the summer and winter solstice. Others believe the site was a healing site used to try and heal those sick or injured. Some theories even suggest the stone were erected by supernatural forces. Book yourself a Stonehenge tour and decide for yourself.

The town of Oxford is quintessentially British with its beautiful gardens, pavement cafes and its stunning architecture. Home to the world famous Oxford University, this British town has been an influence and an inspiration to many of the world’s most powerful and creative people. The colleges of Oxford have been established since the 13th Century and have had an impact on generations of scholars including Former US President Bill Clinton and authors such as J K Rowling, C S Lewis and Lewis Carroll.  Also dubbed the City of Spires, Oxford tours offer tourists a chance to see sights such as Sheldonian Theatre, Bodleian Library and Christ Church where many scenes from the Harry Potter films were shot.

Stonehenge tours and Oxford tours give you the chance to experience the best of British folklore, tradition and history.

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Windsor Castle Tours – explore the history

A must-see location to for any British tour is Windsor Castle. One of the homes of Queen Elisabeth herself, this stately castle is steeped in history and tradition. Windsor Castle tours take your through some of the defining moments in the British monarchy and has some truly astounding sights.

Windsor Castle is the largest and oldest occupied castle in the world and has been the family home to British kings and queens for over 1000 years. If you’re lucky, you may even time you Winsor Castle tour for when the Queen is in residence. There is a flag flying from the castle’s Round Tower and if this flag is the Royal Standard then it means Queen Elisabeth is staying at the castle.

Start your Windsor Castle tour with one of the castle wardens and get the most out of your trip. Windsor Castle is home to one of the world’s finest collections of art known as the Royal Collection. Visit the State Apartments and the Drawing Room to view some of these masterpieces including paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Canaletto. Queen Mary’s doll’s house is the largest, most beautiful and most famous doll’s house in the world and is filled with exquisite miniature pieces of furniture all hand crafted by some of the most renowned craftsmen, designers and artists of the time. St George’s Chapel is a stop on your Windsor Castle tour that cannot be missed. The final resting place of 10 British monarchs, including King Henry VIII and Charles I, the chapel is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in England. Visitors are invited to attend Sunday services in the chapel although it is closed to tours on a Sunday.

Book your Windsor Castle tour today to get a glimpse into life in the British monarchy from the past and present.

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