British Museum exhibition: Celts art and identity

A major exhibition narrating the vast and beautifully decorated culture of the Celts is currently showing at the British Museum, in association with National Museums Scotland. Beautifully crafted and presented in the new Salisbury wing of the museum, the exhibition seeks to identify the culture shared by many people of Welsh, Scottish and Irish origins.

More commonly known through the famous warrior Queen Boudicca who burnt Roman London to the ground in approximately 60AD, the term Celt refers to different tribes within northern Europe who shared a culture, rather than a particular group of people. The Celts left no written records, which means we largely rely on our interpretation of them from sources of those who encountered them, which is often a picture similar to Boudicca, of rouge-looking warriors.

The artefacts within the exhibition give a fuller picture, showing the styles and craftsmanship that went into Celtic armours, body ornaments and even cooking equipment. A particular key feature of the exhibition is the collection of Torcs, golden neck ornaments that differed stylistically between different groups of Celts.

The exhibition also shows the influence of the Celts globally, ranging from the patronage of the British Royal family of Celtic designs by Queen Victoria, and also the adoption of Celtic designs by communities living overseas, complete with three beautiful towering re-constructions of Celtic crosses, showing the mix between Christian ideologies and Celtic designs.

Celts is currently exhibiting at the British Museum until 31st of January 2016. Before visiting the exhibition, why not take a 2 hour highlights tour of the museum’s other collections with a private tour guide?

British Museum - Nigel Young Foster And Partners

British Museum – Nigel Young Foster And Partners

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British Museum Tour – Why the British Museum has something for all

Embarking on an exuberant and engaging day tour of London would not be complete without a visit to London’s magnificent British Museum where you can explore a wide array of historical and iconic artefacts from all over the world such as, stunning Parthenon sculptures, as well as a wide variety of relics from ancient Egypt to name a few. Whether you are young or old, a history enthusiast, have a passion for art and design, or enjoy learning about other cultures, there is something for everyone to enjoy at the British Museum.

Visitors touring this world-renowned museum get to experience an up close and personal look at the many historical and cultural items that the world has to offer in an exquisitely architected building.  View various currencies from all over the world, such as coins, banknotes and even shells, some of which that date back as far as 4000 years!

The British Museum hosts a wide variety of fascinating and engaging exhibitions, such as this years “Celts art and identity” exhibition that runs from 24 September 2015 through to 31 January 2016 which is the British Museums first ever major exhibition that examines the full history of Celtic art and identity.

Children of all ages will also find enjoyment at the museum with their various child friendly displays and hands on arts and crafts sessions that will give your children a genuine passion for learning.

While on your tour be sure to take advantage of the museums shop where you can buy anything from kid’s history gifts to stunning museum replicas that will allow you to continue to enjoy your favourite British Museum displays from the comfort of your own home.

If you would like to learn more about what the British Museum has to offer, or if you are interested in finding out about any of their upcoming events or exhibitions then why not get in touch and let us help you plan the perfect trip.