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Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2011

Stonehenge solstice 2011

Stonehenge solstice 2011

My Brother reminded me the other day that, in our schooldays, we used to be able to walk over the stones at Stonehenge.

The stone circle has of course been cordoned off for years now. The only way to get inside the inner circle is on a Stonehenge Inner Circle tour or, as I did yesterday, attend the summer solstice when the monument is open to the public.

I can’t imagine any other country in the world buying the argument that one or two Druids in England have the right to worship at their altar  - but that’s what makes Britain great. I didn’t see many Druids. It seemed to be mainly New Age Travellers, respectable locals, ramblers, ravers with glow sticks, students, dodgy musicians, backpackers and a few Hari Krishnas.

So here are a few snaps from 4.00 am yesterday waiting with 35,000 people for the sun to come up at Stonehenge on an overcast morning – which didn’t exactly happen. According to Jim from Essex who has been every year for the last 10 years there has only been a couple of really good dawns at Stonehenge on the solstice – last year and ’about 7 or 8 years ago’ …. A sound recording to follow …

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Stonehenge 2011 summer solstice 1

Stonehenge solstice 2011 Horn

Stonehenge solstice 2011

Stonehenge solstice 2011

Stonehenge 2011

Private Stonehenge inner circle tour
Stonehenge at Dawn 2009 Quicktime VR

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