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Must-See Destinations for Private Tours of London

With so very much to see and do in London, it’s no wonder that our personal London guided tours are in such demand.  There can surely be no better way to see England’s vibrant and cosmopolitan capital city than in a private vehicle with your own, individual expert guide ensuring you don’t miss a thing…

On your first visits, it’s all about the landmarks – those sights that are quintessentially, unmistakeably London.  Once you become a regular visitor – and we’re confident you will – you can start to delve deeper into the less well known and, dare we say, more exclusive parts of the city and perhaps partake in some of our more specialised private London sightseeing tours.

Number one on anyone’s list would have to be Buckingham Palace – what visit to the capital could possibly be complete without experiencing our Royal connections practically first-hand?  It’s really rather breath taking, especially if you’re able to witness the spectacle that is the Changing of the Guard.  Continuing the Royal theme, we would also suggest experiencing an oasis of calm in any of our truly beautiful, verdant Royal parks, and of course the unique Tower of London and the unsurpassed splendour of the Crown Jewels.

Other sights you simply MUST see on your initial tours of London are the incomparable St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey – both genuinely steeped in history; the incomparable Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament; the River Thames and stunning Tower Bridge; Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, and the Horse Guards.  We would also recommend a visit to the financial heart, the City – the original site of London, with the Bank of England and Guildhall.

Once you’ve whetted your appetite, we’ll look forward to welcoming you back soon to see the rest of our beautiful, historical city through British Tours.

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