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Guided Tours in London – What to Wear

You’ve chosen and booked your specialist London Day Tours; your personalised itinerary is finalised; you know which of our friendly, knowledgeable guides will be collecting you from your hotel and driving you, and you’re looking forward to seeing the sights and hearing the sounds of our historical city – but what should you wear?

The most important consideration is comfort.  Loose and layered clothing, which isn’t restrictive, makes sense, perhaps choosing natural fibres so you won’t feel too warm whilst you’re in the car.  Talking of the car, you’ll be sitting down quite a bit, so try to avoid anything which creases readily.  If you’ve asked to us to organise lunch or dinner in one of London’s many top eateries, you’ll need to bear in mind any dress codes, too.  It can get quite cold in the Winter months so you’ll appreciate a warm coat – one which is easy to get in and out of as you go from car to destination, and also lightweight as you’ll probably wish to carry it in some attractions.

Footwear is of paramount importance, as it’s likely you’ll be walking some distances on your sightseeing tour of London, so sturdy shoes which you know to be comfortable and suitable for the possibility of wet weather are a must (you can always bring an appropriate pair along with you if you’re visiting a good restaurant).

Try as we might, the one thing we just can’t promise to customise for you is our good old British weather, so ‘just in case’, a lightweight and packable raincoat is essential even throughout the Spring and Summer.  That said, we do have some gloriously sunny days too, so don’t forget your floppy hat and sunglasses.

Aside from that, just sit back and allow us to show you London…

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