We’ve had many interviews over the years and very recently we had our first twitter interview! For those of you not familiar with the format, Twitter interview questions and answers must be under 140 characters, so quite a challenge!

Our interview was hosted by the brilliant online concierge service Concierge99. They make it their mission to put their clients in touch with the experts, from everything from yoga instructors to private tours. While we’re not so great on the yoga front, we pride ourselves on the bespoke tours we create. I could go on, but the fantastic folks at Concierge99 had some pretty great questions for us that will give you a bit more of an insight into the work we do.

Welcome to #concierge99 chat! Today we're chatting w/ @BritishTours. More info on booking BritishTour’s services @ http://bit.ly/1VgPHFN 

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Exciting times! To get us started, Concierge 99 asked us some basic ‘getting to know you’ facts.

Ok, first up: Q1. How long has @BritishTours been in the #travel & #tours business? #concierge99

Q1 @Concierge_99 British Tours was established in 1958! Here's an oldie of the early days... #concierge99 #BigBen pic.twitter.com/jvQThxDdQk

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Concierge99 asked a question many of our clients want to know – how do we pick such great guides?

Ok, for Q2. Does your team have any special skills when it comes to guiding #tours? @BritishTours #concierge99 #travel

Q2 @Concierge_99 yes they do! Our driver-guides are also handpicked for their personality, academic & professional background #concierge99

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We have several wonderful guides on our books who love taking visitors to see London’s highlights on a bespoke London tour, and Concierge99 we keen to know more about them! We gave them a bit more information about their backgrounds.

Q5. What makes @BritishTours the best tour guides in town? #concierge99 #travel

Q5 @Concierge_99 The guides' local knowledge & fascinating background: BBC news reader, Scotland Yard detective, published Archaeologist ...

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You can read more about our driver-guides here We’ve also had a few famous faces, both as vistors and as guides.The actor Tom Conti was also once one of our tour guides!

Oh wow, that sounds incredible. I bet visitors love meeting them! @BritishTours #concierge99

Travellers were surprised when a guide got recognised the other day, like a celebrity! :-) https://www.britishtours.com/tour-guides 

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Then, it was time for one of the most important questions of the interview – what makes us a good fit for our client’s needs?

Q8. What makes your service ideal for a traveller to London? @BritishTours #concierge99 #travel

Q8 @Concierge_99 Our tours are personal: we take them to see the sites they want, when they want, at their pace, p/up from London hotels.

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Over the years, we’ve arranged many personalized services, including family heritage tours, tours to WW2 bases for the descendants of American soldiers stationed in the UK and even tours relating to some of England’s famous literary figures from Shakespeare to J.K.Rowling!

Concierge99 gave us a chance to demonstrate just how British we are!

And the last one, just for fun: Q9. Stranded on a desert island - what 3 objects would you take with you? :) @BritishTours #concierge99

On a desert island we'd bring a British survival kit: tea, scones, umbrella! ;-)

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Certainly a hard question – Just three things!! What about the essential jam and clotted cream to go with those scones!  Finally after an enjoyable twitter chat, it was time for a goodbye from Concierge99…

...that's end of chat w/ @BritishTours! Thanks, it's been a lot of fun :) Check out http://bit.ly/1VgPHFN  for #London #tours! #concierge99

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…and a goodbye from us!